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Our Process

Balancing financial decisions related to Personal Life and Business Life can become complex. As life becomes more demanding, allow IPC to assist in the coordination of your protection, assets, liabilities, and cash flow so that the focus is based around efficiency and attaining financial balance.

1. Identify where you are and where you want to be

Through an in-depth data gathering session, we will get a sense of where you are currently. Not only do we want to find out what your current situation is, but we also want to know why you have made the decisions you have. We also want to explore what kind of future you would like to create, and what your goals and dreams are.

2. Recommendation and Implementation Report

After reviewing your current situation and getting a sense of where you want to be in the future, we will make recommendations to bridge this gap. Our promise is to deliver uncommon strategies that are based in facts, not marketing or sales hype. These recommendations serve as your roadmap to achieving your goals, and will be accompanied by an Implementation Report for your review.

3. Implementation

This next phase is crucial to making sure progress is made. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable through raising your awareness to often unknown, overlooked tactics, products and services. Implementing the strategies we co-create together will give you more power and control over your financial life, and provide for more efficiency and financial balance. We will help keep you on ensure that those changes we have agreed will positively impact your life are actually being made.

4. Reviews

In life, things change constantly...and eroding factors such as taxes, the cost of living, planned obsolescence and inflation all work against your ability to build wealth. These factors, as well as other economic changes could impact the decisions we make as we move forward. Based on your preferences, we will set up a review schedule with you to monitor these changes and make sure we are staying on track toward accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams.